How to give the Bright Funds way

Posted by Chris Chappelle on Sep 1, 2016 8:29:29 AM
Chris Chappelle

Have you thought about How to Make the Most of Your Charitable Giving this holiday season? 


If you missed it this weekend, make sure to check out a Bright Funds Op-ed on GOOD, authored by our co-founder, Ty Walrod. 


GOOD is a great community created by, and for, pragmatic idealists like us working towards ‘individual and collective progress’. Ty offers great advice and thoughts on how to “navigate” the diverse array of giving opportunities the holiday season has to offer.  The article also reflects on the overall approach to giving that Bright Funds adopts and that our members value.  


Below is an excerpt from the article in which Ty explains ‘how to give the Bright Funds way’.


“Make your giving delightful. Donating should not be a reluctant handover of funds or powered by guilt. It should be an enjoyable experience, something you seek out and feel good about. You should always feel richer after you give.


Make your giving personal. At Bright Funds, we think of giving as a reflection of who we are, a reflection of what we care most deeply about. Donate not because of obligations, but because you want to see change and sustainable impact. Give because you are invested and because you are genuinely interested in making a difference…


Demand more from your giving: it’s an investment. Don’t think of giving as money leaving your bank account with an ambiguously altruistic purpose. Think of your giving as an investment—a targeted contribution to a social good. Insist that your donor dollars are well spent, have the potential for maximum impact, and track the projects you help to fund. Demand the same from your charitable giving that you do from all other aspects of your personal finances.”


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