The Experience of Giving

This post originally appeared on Good Joe’s blog, “The Goodness Blog.”  Good Joe makes t-shirts and shares our passion for doing good.   


Experience music— Don’t just listen to it

Life can be thought of as a series of actions: a plain performance of everyday duties and obligations; a recurring route that always begins at point A and ends promptly at point b; a monotonous procession from one task to the next.   This bare bones approach to life is focused solely on the end result, reaching a destination— and not about enjoying the scenery along the way.  It is a utilitarian understanding, a matter of fact means of navigating the world.

At Bright Funds, we have a different take on things: life should be filled with rich and meaningful experiences. The actions themselves are important, of course.  But these tasks are just the frame, a vague map suggesting which direction we should take. The substance— the body and bulk of it all— is made up of what we encounter along the way.  

The emphasis should not be so much on the task at hand, but what we learn and what we feel in the process of completing it.  It is about the knowledge we gain, the sensations we experience.  We should be fully immersed and wholeheartedly involved.  We should delight in what we are doing. Color should pop.  Flavors should burst. Information should pique our interest and provoke our thoughts.  

This take on life has guided our decision making with Bright Funds. We built a charitable giving platform with experience as the central focus. We wanted to transform the act of donating into the experience of giving.

When you sign up, it’s not just about entering contact information in a database. You are instead becoming part of a vibrant community of altruistic and savvy individuals looking to do good.

When you navigate the site, you are not solely presented with the necessary information.  Rather, you interact with pleasing designs in a way that makes giving fun and personalized.  You are learning more about causes you care about and actively engaging with the work of the nonprofits in your portfolio.

When you donate, it’s not just about entering your credit card information.  You are investing in the world as you would want it to be.  You are making an impact in the areas that matter most to you.  You become an active change agent.

It is the act of giving, which should be the most rewarding experience of all— something to be savored, not hastily completed. It should be fully loaded and thoroughly satisfying.