The simple guide to giving more effectively

Posted by Chris Chappelle on Sep 1, 2016 2:52:32 PM
Chris Chappelle


There are many ways to think about creating your own personal giving strategy. Many have been inspired by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen’s groundbreaking book, Giving 2.0, while still others have been moved to consult experts, such as Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.


Getting started with a plan is the hardest part about giving for many people, so for all of you, we’ve created The Simple Guide to Giving More Effectively.

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The Simple Guide to Giving More Effectively

Step 1. Find Your Cause

Think of one cause you’re passionate about and write it down. Next, identify 3-4 charities really making a difference in that cause area, and write those down as well. Bright Funds can be a great resource for you. With Bright Funds, you can find existing cause-based funds – or create your own fund – as well as give to your favorite individual charities.


Step 2. Make a simple giving plan with an Annual Giving Target

  1. Multiply your annual salary by 1% to arrive at your Annual Giving Target. You could give more or less, but the point is to set your target. 
  2. Set aside 70% of your Annual Giving Target for recurring planned giving, where you support the causes you care about and your favorite individual nonprofits. 
  3. Save the last 30% of your annual giving target for more spontaneous giving – making one-time gifts, supporting your friend’s race, giving to your niece’s fundraiser, etc. This helps keep people around you happy by allowing you to support their causes, and it also gives you a rational reason for saying “no” once you reach your 30% cap.


Step 3. Take Action and Keep Giving

Get started by giving once monthly to your favorite causes, and keep your 30% in your back pocket for one-time gifts.


An Example Giving Plan

My Cause: Education

  • I’ll set my Annual Giving Target to $1,000
  • I’ll give 70%, or $700, to the Bright Funds Education Fund. This amounts to about $60/month to my favorite cause, education.
  • I’ll save 30%, or $300, for one-time gifts to be given throughout the year.

That’s it! By putting these simple steps into action, you’re well on your way to being a more strategic donor.

Make your giving plan and start giving today:

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